A New Year Reflection on 2021

Posted 13th January 2021

The year 2020 was a strange and difficult year for everybody – in both a personal and professional sense. The impact of COVID-19 has been felt globally and is undoubtedly continuing into this year, causing a lot of understandable nervousness.

Here at Saulderson, we have big plans for 2021; the slow pace of 2020 has made us even more determined to throw ourselves wholeheartedly into the influencer marketing scene and secure deals for our talent, as well as get involved in some very exciting campaigns and projects.


As January progresses, we wanted to try and predict some of the trends taking place in the marketing world this year – predictions mainly based on emerging trends we observed last year during the pandemic that greatly affected the working environment.


  1. More of us are going to be working from home (for good!)

Last year’s restrictions saw many of us leaving our offices and setting up shop at home to work instead. Suiting some more than others, we feel this is likely to stick around for a much longer time – especially in digital roles in which work can be completed almost entirely remotely. As the ability to work from home has proven to be so convenient for both employers and employees, we see this only growing in occurrence over this year. Even post-COVID, it’s likely that many businesses won’t return to a full working office environment when there just isn’t a need to.


  1. Agencies and businesses are going to be more transparent and conscious

Recent years have seen people and businesses globally opt to take action against world issues and make lots of changes to be more conscious of their businesses practices. These changes have been so prevalent that businesses are now being held to a much higher standard than they were previously; in issues concerning social justice, environmentalism and worker’s rights.


  1. Influencers are going to be EVEN MORE influential

Because so much of our time was spent online in 2020, influencers continued to garner a lot of attention and growth. Online users greatly enjoyed absorbing content created by their favourite influencers whilst also discovering more to support new creators. Influencers felt more like friends than ever; keeping their audiences feeling positive and comfortable in times of uncertainty. Data suggests the utilisation of influencer marketing as a tool is only going to grow as well; with 63% of businesses who already have a budget for influencer marketing planning to raise their spending over the next year.


Though 2020 wasn’t what any of us had planned, and much of what made 2020 not-so-great has continued to stick around, a lot of us are feeling much more positive about this year and its potential to be truly great (no matter how long we may have to wait for things to return to normal!)