Are New Digital Consumers Here to Stay?

Posted 24th June 2020

I’m sure several people reading this have spent way more time on apps like TikTok and YouTube since lockdown began. TikTok dances were learned, video games were played (a lot), and YouTube stars provided that friendly comfortable feeling that was difficult to find in isolation.

This all makes perfect sense; whether you were furloughed, working from home or simply just looking for a way to fill your time, the digital world provided a fun escape from reality and for some, provided a brand-new hobby.

There’s no denying digital consumers’ habits have changed, lockdown has not only encouraged users to spend more time online, but has also introduced whole new audiences to platforms like YouTube, Twitch and TikTok.

YouTube confirmed this was the case back in March, revealing that their data showed huge increases in video views across the platform (, with lifestyle, meditation, cooking and fitness video genres all booming, respectively. More people are taking their interests online and even discovering content they hadn’t previously engaged with before.

This is also the case for the gaming industry, which has seen huge surges in new players, game downloads and console purchases (

As lockdown is coming to an end and normality slowly beginning to return, what remains to be seen is whether these new audiences will stick around. With free time becoming less abundant, some may even lose interest in their online ventures that kept them entertained during isolation.

This begs the question: are these new additions to online communities temporary or will lockdown have permanently made folks go more digital? If it turns out to be the latter, digital marketing could see a great deal of new potential customers and online sales in the near future.

Data updates from online platforms over the coming weeks will determine whether lockdown has caused the digital world to grow massively or if the growth was simply a momentary trend.