Building relationships with influencers.

Posted 5th May 2020

Normally consumers don’t look at adverts as real people. Obviously, influencer marketing is different. There’s a real person giving a review, a real opinion and thus treating them like a human is vital.


Building a relationship with an influencer is more than necessary. Treat them right, build a conversation, build a true partnership and your campaigns will turn out so much more successful.


We all understand the harsh demands of the business environment but it’s not an excuse to forget humanity, manners and simple care of the livelihood of an influencer.


Therefore, check in on them. Ask them how they’re doing, take an interest in their actual projects. Influencers will appreciate it so much more and comeback. Relationships are a two-way system, so it’s not enough to assume an influencer is just going to do all the work.


There are so many campaigns out there are far from relevant to an influencer and their audience and requests from companies fly in on a daily basis asking to advertise something completely random.


As a management team we carefully dissect every opportunity with our influencers and make sure it is something they are interested in and believe in as that translates to an audience so much more. This ties back in with authenticity.


Being honest and real with creators translates not only in their adverts but in their review and future work with you as an organisation. Because, simply saying you’re good at customer service won’t translate but coming authentically from someone else does. It’s important to just be better and do better and it will have positive repercussions for all.