Going the Extra Mile – Influencer Marketing

Posted 13th May 2020

To increase performance in influencer marketing campaigns, we believe it’s imperative to go the extra mile. As a Scottish premium influencer marketing agency, we are placed away from all the hype in London or New York. We’re forced to go out the box and travel that extra 500 miles if necessary (I’m sorry, I had to put that in here somewhere). We love going the extra mile because we love what we do and we think you deserve it.


When working with any client it’s important to communicate and know exactly what they are looking for. Building that initial relationship and understanding what the client needs and what solution they are bringing to the world will help drive a more successful campaign.


This means not just sitting down with them in a call for 30 minutes and learning their KPI’s, which is important too, but learning beyond that. Understanding the company’s culture, their values, beliefs so that we can provide the most accurate campaign.


Once we’ve established everything with the client, we can develop the core message. This way we can create a campaign that resonates a lot more effectively with the consumer. Additionally, through this we can find the perfect influencers that fit their culture and truly believe in their messaging to deliver an ideal campaign.


Next we work on constantly delivering feedback to our client to make sure the messaging stays correct and fits in perfectly with them. Our goal is to make the client successful and push success to the influencer also to provide a long-lasting meaningful impression.


However, to be perfectly transparent things can go wrong – e.g. audiences may not react as well as anticipated. It’s important to be reactive and go further. We won’t just drop the campaign and say we did what we could, we’ll work and meet the needs of the client and provide a creative solution to reach the desired goals.


We also believe in aftercare at Saulderson Media. Making sure a campaign ends on a positive we take any and all feedback on how it went and strive to make sure that all our client’s goals were met and how we can be of an even better service to them in the future. We pride ourselves in providing a premium influencer marketing solution and therefore take every step necessary to achieve those goals.