How to Make the Most of Working From Home

Posted 24th September 2020

Following recent Government announcements, those that had re-entered their offices are now being asked to work from home if they can, after a reported spike in COVID-19 cases.

Here at Saulderson, we’re all good friends, and understand that office culture and chatting with colleagues can make you feel normal – part of something. It’s also nice to get outside and go to the office, as it can provide some level of comfortable normality amidst everything going on in the world right now.

However, working from home can have amazing benefits that you might not have considered before:


  1. Having more time to do other things

One of the first things I noticed after starting to work from home was that I had more time in the day, compared to if I had to commute to the office. The combination of prepping for the day, getting yourself (and any others ready) and commuting to the office and back took up quite a large chunk of my day. Working from home meant I didn’t have to worry about any of that and left me with more available time to do things like make a healthy breakfast and lunch or complete small, extraneous household tasks that I otherwise wouldn’t have time for.



  1. Less money spent out (generally)

Put simply, being able to work from home means you’re less likely to spend unnecessary money out. Seemingly small purchases like your morning coffee, meal deals and other things DO add up and can really put a dent in your outgoings. Working from home enables you to make your own tea and coffee, meals and means you aren’t tempted by things you see on the shelves…unless you’re a fan of online shopping!



  1. Being able to create your own ideal working environment

If you’d usually be in an office, at a desk, working from home can allow you to switch up your usual workspace from something dull to something exciting! You can sit wherever you feel comfortable, put some music on, decorate your space however you’d like and even work in a coffee shop or in the park on a sunny day (if you’re able). What’s great about this is being able to adapt your working environment to whatever suits you best will enable you to work more efficiently and increase your productivity!


Working from home does have its pros and cons, however, more people are working from home now than ever before; therefore, most of us can relate to however you’re feeling about it. Despite the cons, we’re extremely lucky to be able to keep in contact with our teammates and colleagues online and on calls, so we’re never out of the loop!