How To Prioritise Your Workload

Posted 8th July 2020

Something we touched on in the previous blog surrounding productivity, was the process of prioritising. In the influencer marketing world, we work on multiple projects at once and understand that it can be difficult to balance tasks accordingly. The last thing you want is to get overwhelmed and unable to complete your tasks to the best of your ability.

We decided to pull together and give you some tips on how we prioritise our tasks here at Saulderson.


  1. Using to-do lists

Making use of to-do lists is absolutely essential for any sort of prioritising within the working world, as it allows you to keep track of everything you’ve got coming up. We use Click-Up to track a lot of our tasks, which is particularly useful as it allows you to categorise your tasks according to their level of urgency.

  1. Set deadlines for yourself

Once you’ve organised your tasks and decided how urgent they are, it’s important to set deadlines for these tasks to be completed by. This prevents you from deliberately pushing things back and getting flustered later down the line. It also means you shouldn’t ever be wondering what to do next, as your tasks will be prepared in advance.

  1. Keep in contact with your team

At Saulderson, we feel it’s extremely important that everyone is on the same page and knows exactly which tasks deserve our immediate attention. Although we do work individually and in sub-groups for some projects, we feel it’s crucial for everyone to be kept up to date on what’s going on. To make sure of this, we have a weekly team meeting where we group together to share ideas, remind each other of upcoming tasks, discuss the news and generally share information with each other. This can be especially helpful with prioritising, as other team members can share their viewpoints on what deserves immediate attention and even help you with tasks if you’re busy.

  1. Be realistic in your ambitions

Try to make sure that the targets you’re setting yourself are achievable and that your workload is manageable, otherwise you run the risk of burning out and feeling disappointed when tasks aren’t completed on time. It’s essential to give yourself realistic time frames to complete your work within, as this will ensure everything is completed properly and to the best of your ability. Doing this will help to prevent rushing your work and making mistakes in the future!