Influencer Marketing in Scotland

Posted 20th April 2020

As of now, we’re starting to become aware that influencer marketing is a relevant field in this digital age. We can see agencies popping up across the world, in London, New York, Australia and Canada.


But what about smaller, slightly more remote places like Scotland?


Well that’s where we come in. Saulderson Media is the first premium influencer marketing and talent management agency in Scotland, and we are currently the only such agency in Scotland.



Some may view this as a disadvantage being away from all the buzz. But that’s what help make us a premium agency. If we wanted, we could move to London, but we chose to stay here in Scotland. This lets us follow our true mission of helping creators and building real connections with brands. We’re here to provide a luxury influencer marketing experience with selected talent.


Being the only agency in Scotland gives us many challenges but we take them on with passion as we pioneer the influencer marketing industry here. This also provides us with a wealth of experience, that gives us confidence in everything that we do.


We’re also very proud to be in Scotland. This is our home and despite the weather we love where we live. There is so much to explore, such beautiful scenery to view and a rich culture that surrounds us wherever we go.


We’re Saulderson Media and we’re your Influencer marketing Agency from Scotland.