Influencer Marketing is One of the Most Versatile Forms of Marketing in this Digital Age

Posted 28th May 2020

Influencer Marketing is vast. There is no one-size fits all in this industry. On the surface, yes. There is a lot of poor influencer marketing that provides that perception and unfortunately tarnishes the entire industry’s reputation.


But the titans prevail, and the main goal of influencer marketing remains the same. Bridging the gap between consumers and brands. Creating a real, closer conversation.


The range of influencer marketing is incredible and unlike what it may seem at first glance. It’s not just one video integration or a sponsored TikTok ad that people skip.

It’s beyond that. Influencer campaigns range from so many genres, and types.


An influencer campaign can be an awareness post, where the creator discusses and issue, it can be collaborative where an influencer works with another influencer. Sponsors, where an influencer has to just subtly show off a product. Campaigns can range from massive to tiny.


And you might think, well influencer marketing isn’t doing well for me. I’m getting a lot of backlash on my content, no conversions, no sales. This isn’t for me.


It’s all about finding the correct solution and the correct influencers. Are you targeting the right people? Are you using someone who cares about your product, are you treating the influencer well? All these things matter.


Influencer Marketing can shapeshift, it can be adjusted – the messaging, finding the right fit it’s all there. It’s just finding what works for you.


That’s why experts, like us, exist.