Let’s Talk About FPS Games, YouTube and How Influencers Changed the Game Forever

Posted 5th February 2021

Yesterday we put out a Saulderson Spotlight about our very own MarleyThirteen – The Scottish King of COD! Today, we wanted to talk about why the First-Person Shooter games he plays are so wildly popular – with the most recent popular title from the genre being Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. 


The popularity of FPS games changed the way that we absorb games; we think prior to the release of Modern Warfare 2 and the boom of Parties on the Xbox 360, gaming was typically quite an individual experience. Unless you were visiting your friends and playing with them in real life, there wasn’t much of an online gaming scene in a casual sense, gaming was much more personal and something a lot of people did on their own. 

Gamers became inspired by their friends to get on their consoles and join in with their friends playing Modern Warfare 2.


So came an influx of players and the competitive elements proved to be popular, this inspired numerous creators like Marley to start uploading their COD playing to sites like YouTube, and got others excited to learn how to improve their playing. Suddenly the previously considered anti-social hobby of gaming became a way for friends to socialise with each other online as well as have a laugh with other people – a new culture of social gaming was created. 


FPS titles have only continued to garner huge levels of attention and popularity since then and the community has continued to grow – appealing to a very wide audience. The nature of FPS games are pretty simple – they’re fast paced, fun shooters that require a great deal of attention and concentration. They’re easily practiced in quick bursts so it’s pretty simple to practice, absorb content from creators and get better at playing. They’re universally loved, as they’re available for every platform, enjoyable and appreciated globally and nothing is lost in translation when playing. 


In terms of content, FPS games make for great viral content! The short, often either impressive or comedic and very shareable nature of the videos make great material for YouTube compilations or content for other forms of social media like Facebook, Instagram or Instagram. 


Our resident FPS expert, Campaigns and Influencer Manager Luke said: “I like the whole competitive vibe to [them], there’s always someone wanting to try and be better than you and that’s what makes it the most fun.”