New Saulderson Media Website

Posted 7th February 2020

2020, a big year for everyone. Through all the chaos and all the craziness, our team at Saulderson is pushing to work harder than ever and bring a more prosperous year for brands and influencers.


We’d just like to initially thank ‘Supremo’ for being so wonderful and creating our beautiful new website. The team has been nothing but pleasurable to work with and we couldn’t recommend them more to anyone else!


A quick summary for those in a hurry…

  • Websites are your digital representation of your company – think about what impression it gives
  • Being transparent and to the point is necessary
  • We’re really happy with how our website looks


Having a website is powerful, it’s the HQ of your digital business. It’s the storefront and it gives the impression of what type of business you are.


We’re obviously influencer marketing, that’s why you’ve had a look at us. But how is this all relevant.


Well, we’re all about transparency in this digital age. Authenticity is one of our highest priorities and is a requirement in today’s environment. So, it doesn’t matter who is reading this. Maybe you’re a young entrepreneur looking to start your own agency and doing a competitor analysis, or a business trying to scope us out. We’re here to tailor to your needs and our website shows you what we’re capable of.


Creating a dynamic website was a priority for us as it’s cool and alive. It shows that hey, we’re new, fresh and full of ideas. It separates a quick scroll from a WOW factor. We do things our own way, and that’s important. Communication is the Saulderson Media priority and building that ‘real’ network is vital.