How to Categorise Influencers for Campaigns

Posted 7th February 2020

Our List of Influencer Categories:

  • Actor
  • Author
  • Autos and Vehicles
  • Aviation
  • Beauty
  • Business Executive
  • Cannabis
  • Comics & Cartoons
  • DIY
  • Education
  • Electronics
  • Event Planning
  • Family
  • Fashion & Style
  • Food & Drink
  • Games
  • Gaming
  • Government
  • Health
  • Home & Garden
  • Lifestyle
  • Media & Publications
  • Musician
  • Non-profit
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Performing Arts
  • Pets & Animals
  • Photography & Filmmaking
  • Podcast
  • Professional Athlete
  • Real Estate
  • Science
  • Sports & Fitness
  • TV & Video
  • Tattoos & Piercings
  • Travel
  • Visual Art & Design


Thanks to the wonderful platform ‘Tagger’ we’ve been able to collate a comprehensive list of influencer categories that we use every day.



As we have all notices Actors have taken a liking for social media fame. They have transferred from the big screen to the slightly smaller screen. They have a tendency to be up for campaigns however cost high prices and are difficult to get into contact with.



Authors write books, online pieces and more. They love to have a chat and are plentiful on social media showcases their latest creative venture.


Autos and Vehicles:

Car people are fanatics! The obsession within this market is amazing and includes strong dedicated followings from auto lovers to those that simply want to learn.



Planes, a smaller niche than the auto industry but a true and dedicated following. Many creators range from the mechanic and engineering side of planes all the way piloting and differentiating.



Beauty has a few subcategories. Self-care, make-up. However, every creator tends to have their own style and niche within this category.


Business Executive:

Entrepreneurs everywhere. How to start a business, how to take care of taxes. This category is difficult to navigate through as there are many false gurus but with the digital space being so vast brings a variety of authentic and helpful businesses.



The internet loves it stoners. This category includes genuine educators but also dare devils willing to take on crazy challenges.


Comics & Cartoons:

Here the internet may get rowdy and argumentative. Comics & Cartoons as a category covers anime; manga; cartoons and comic books. There a large variety of superfans in this category discussing opinions, showing off art and more.



Do it Yourself – why not? So many helpful creators showing off their helpful tips on doing things yourself.



The internet has become an incredible library for news and information. Teachers have taken to the internet to show how the teach as well as finding new ways to educate. This niche can also be applied to students, who show off their university life and aid other students.



Looking to buy a new gadget? Well most likely you’re going to search a review on the internet first. There is a great number of creators providing technological tips and reviews of old and new electronics in the market.


Event Planning:

Watch the process of nothing to a full-blown event, these creators have the know-how to navigate people and places to create spectacular events.



This is a very broad range of creators as family types are so varied in this day and age. However, this category is usually all about love and how-to families persevere through life.


Fashion & Style

Another broad style. Fashion is huge in the creative space. Ranging from big name-brands to home-made apparel. Creators are always willing to share what they have, what they want and what they’ve made.


Food & Drink:

Reviews, talks, and tutorials. The food & drink industry is massive for creators – it’s essential to our life.



Yes, we live in a digital world but what do we do when the power goes out. Monopoly. Yes, board games and toys are still a very crucial part of our lives and creators are here to tell us all about them.



Consoles, Computers and E-sports. This rapidly dominant and emerging market has brought creators to the forefront of the digital space.



Whether you’re interested or not, the news must be shared. These creators are here to inform, debate and maybe make you laugh at times.



We’re all guilty for searching symptoms. The health is industry has reeled in many creators to discuss health as well as help aspiring professionals in their journey.


Home & Garden:

Have you ever wanted to find out how to get those stripes on your lawn? Well there’s a creator out there to show you how. These creators show off the glow-ups their living situation has had.



Quite simply this is creators just showing off their life. However, at times may be embellished but it’s just a story using life.


Media & Publications:

Journalists, bloggers. We’re all in the same category here. Hey reader, it’s me…, yes this is the only category I was allowed to break the 4th wall.



Creators in this space usually can be categorised into Performer and Teacher. However also differentiate by genres.



Here are your charities and people doing good deeds for no profits.


Outdoor Activities:

Think of anything you can do outside, there’s a creator for it. Birdwatching – check; Scuba Diving – check; Paragliding – check. It’s all here and there’s always a creator for it.


Performing Arts:

Drag Artists, Dancers, Magicians and Comedians all fit under here. The internet has become an amazing space for these creators to show off.


Pets & Animals:

Cute videos of animals are the foundation of internet videos and will always be around.


Photography & Filmmaking:

Aesthetics, we all love something nice to look at. This again has a split between tutorials and showcase.



They talk, you listen. Podcasts are usually split by topic and that’s what keep you going.


Professional Athlete:

These creators tend to show off their routine as they train for the professional life.


Real Estate:

Nothing like seeing your billion-dollar dream home you can never afford. These real estate creators bring a new meaning to window shopping.



Cool experiments and fun while learning. The science creative space is vast and knowledgeable.


Sports & Fitness:

These creators tend to split into trainers and participants varying from gains to glow-ups.


TV & Video:

The companies bringing you, your favourite movies and series are also allowed to create and bring you the juicy behind the scenes content, so this is the category for them.


Tattoos & Piercings:

Badass to softy, they’re all here – there creators show-off their body art, designs, creations and the life that comes with it.



Flying A to Z, these creators will bring you on their journey.


Visual Art & Design:

The creative creators showing their creations. An explosion of difference and visually appealing styles and productions.