Our Founder Makes The News

Posted 7th February 2020

Our founder, Suhit Amin, appeared in the Sunday Times paper this weekend. Suhit achieved 6 A’s in his Highers while undergoing intensive chemotherapy due to his diagnosis of Hodgkin’s lymphoma (a type of cancer) earlier in the year and then went on to win Social Day’s “Young Social Media Marketer of the Year” Award. His drive and determination to stay strong throughout his experiences shows his extremely admirable icon and remains a huge role model to many others.

Despite his challenges throughout the past year he has nurtured Saulderson Media to become the successful company that it is today. For the people that know him personally, you wouldn’t think that he was going through such challenging times both mentally and physically.

Social Day’s Award that Suhit received is an omen to his hard work and dedication. It is a massive achievement for this young entrepreneur who is bound to be a great success in life.