Saulderson Media Now Venturing into TikTok!

Posted 27th April 2020

At this point is more than difficult to deny that TikTok is a relevant platform. Currently TikTok has approximately 800 – 1 billion active monthly users from various sources. Which is incredible. We at Saulderson Media not unlike other agencies have also stepped into the TikTok field and will be functioning and creating campaigns on the platform.


The social media platform has climbed its way through the ranks and asserted itself as one of the current titans despite it still being a new area.


TikTok utilises short virality and small attention-grabbing videos to its users. This means that someone with no followers can suddenly achieve 1 million views in one accidentally video, and there are a lot, of these users. With videos lasting 3-60 seconds and users using the platform for an average of 60 minutes a day, that means users can cycle through 60 videos a day and most definitely a lot more.


Users are bombarded with content and that means that not all content on TikTok is meaningful. In this context we describe meaningful content as one that converts a viewer to a recurrent viewer. Not all videos and “TikToker’s” provide that and therefore it’s very vital to be picky about the content creators that are chosen.




At Saulderson Media we analyse each content creator that we use for a TikTok campaign and only select those which provide visibly meaningful content. Authenticity is an important factor for us and therefore a careful selection process for influencers is vital.


Most importantly we are excited to be stepping into the platform and offering our services in that vertical as we’re all unapologetically obsessed with the platform ourselves!