Saulderson Spotlight - Higgsy

Posted 4th March 2021

Following our blog on Fortnite this week, we thought we’d take some time to talk about one of our favourite Fortnite creators – Higgsy. 


Higgsy joined us in January of 2020 and shows no sign of slowing down! He has been creating content on YouTube for 4 years now, having started his career in the Call of Duty scene, though in recent years he has moved on to making Fortnite progression and gaming content exclusively. Some of his most popular series include Fortnite Progression and ‘Playing 8 Hours in Arena’ videos, the latter of which skyrocketed the popularity of his channel and he’s currently sitting on 277,000 subscribers!


In his spare time, Higgsy is an avid football fan and really enjoys playing the sport when he can. He even played semi-professionally for English Championship Football Club Norwich City FC! 


Since joining us here at Saulderson on an exclusive basis, Higgsy has worked with some huge brands on their influencer marketing campaigns – such as Nvidia, ACER, Nacon and Opera GX. 


Only recently, Higgsy actually moved into a creator house with his friend Connor Parsons, a fellow creator who uploads football and IRL content, and our very own Campaigns and Influencer Manager Luke Kirby. It’s part of an exciting project to create great content as a house and is sponsored by ___”


If you’d like to work with Higgsy, get in touch at –