Saulderson Spotlight - MarleyThirteen

Posted 4th February 2021

For this week’s Saulderson Spotlight, we thought we’d draw some attention to a creator that we’ve been close to for a long time. Our very own Facebook-streaming, COD-loving Scot – MarleyThirteen. 


Our CEO Suhit Amin has been friends with Marley since they were teenagers, and got in contact through their mutual love of gaming and YouTube. In April last year, they realised they’d been working together for so long, Marley might as well join us exclusively! 


MarleyThirteen is one of Scotland’s most popular online personalities and is the King of Call of Duty in Scotland. He is well known for his gaming comedy videos and reached a lot of popularity through his series ‘Scottish COD Players’. He uploads ‘Best Of’ compilations, sketch videos and mainly COD related content on his channel. 

He has been uploading videos to YouTube since 2011 and more recently, has blown up on Facebook Gaming with his immensely popular Call of Duty streams. 


Some of his recent achievements include being one of Facebook’s biggest streamers: he was the 6th biggest Facebook page in 2020, Marley has also been involved with some huge brands whilst working with us, such as KFC Gaming, ACER, NVIDIA and Western Digital to name a few. 


In his spare time, Marley is an avid football fan and loves his Glasgow team Celtic. His love of football and gaming is also shared by his brother Marc – who is a pro FIFA player and won the XBOX ePL last year!

If you’d like to work with Marley, get in touch at: