Saulderson Spotlight - Neyyfun

Posted 11th February 2021

For this week’s Saulderson Spotlight, we wanted to cook up a profile on our very own slice of TikTok chef – Nathan Bates (or Neyyfun as he’s known on social media). 


Nathan has gained a lot of popularity on TikTok over the past year – his vlog-style videos of shopping for ingredients, laid back vibe and delicious, simple recipes have proven to be popular, and he has amassed a following of over 320,000 on the platform. He’s extremely passionate about cooking real and realistic meals that can be done at home at any level, using good quality, affordable ingredients. Sticking to these principles has resulted in multiple successful and viral videos on his TikTok page, including his viral 6 dollar steak video!


Nathan has an extra layer to him however, as not only is cooking just a hobby for him; he’s a actually a trained chef with Michelin-star experience from top-end restaurants, including Roux at the Landau in London. This led to him working in a Michelin Star restaurant for a few years! Cooking is just one of Nathan’s interests though, as he’s currently working in London as a professional videographer, with his skills in photography and videography allowing him to travel the world at one time – he even got to take photos for world-famous rapper Drake!


Though he absolutely loves videography, he would like to eventually be working full-time as a TikTok creator and YouTuber. 

Nathan joined the Saulderson team in June 2020 and is becoming more successful everyday. Since joining us, he’s worked with brands such as MOB Kitchen and Peperami!


In his spare time, Nathan loves fashion, getting takeout and spending time with friends, family and his girlfriend Kruti. 

If you’d like to work with Nathan, get in touch at