Saulderson Spotlight - Pickapixel

Posted 18th February 2021

For this week’s Saulderson Spotlight, we wanted to bring some attention (not that he needs it!) to one of our fastest growing exclusive creators at the moment. Rocket League YouTuber Pickapixel is blowing up at the moment – especially since Rocket League has gone free-to-play across all available platforms and is currently boasting over 740,000 subscribers on the platform. 


Pixel (real name Matt) has been creating content on YouTube for 5 years now, and gaming has always been his focus. For the past couple of years, Rocket League has made up the vast majority of his content and has been proven to be very popular with fans. Some of his most popular YouTube series include Opening Reward Crates, Fan Trade Ups, Challenging Fans to 1v1s and Tournaments. Pixel has blown up in recent months, with Rocket League going free-to-play, the game has attracted more fans than ever and they’re lapping up his content, with each video averaging between 200-300k views, he’s become one of the most prominent creators in the Rocket League community. 


Pixel has been one our longest exclusive creators, having been signed with Saulderson since August 2018 – the same year we were founded! Since then, he has worked with some fantastic brands, such ACER, Displate and Shoptagr and is only continuing to rise in popularity with both sponsors and fans. 


In his spare time, Pixel is a massive gamer, football fan and has supported Premier Club Arsenal his whole life. He also loves to keep up with his health and fitness, mainly weights and strength training. He currently lives in Dorset with his girlfriend and they have guinea pigs together! 


If you’d like to work with Pixel, contact us at