Saulderson Spotlight - ThatDenverGuy

Posted 26th February 2021

We’ve talked about a lot of our exclusive talent in the last few weeks, and we’ve greatly enjoyed doing so. This week, we wanted to go all the way back to our origins in influencer management and talk about one of our very first signings and one of our most popular creators – ThatDenverGuy


Denver is an immensely popular Fortnite creator on YouTube, with his videos covering Fortnite news sweeping the community, any drama or updates on big creators or professional players, as well as any drama surrounding the game. 


Like Pickapixel, Denver is one of our earliest exclusive signings. He joined Saulderson Media exclusively on the 10th of November in 2018, after being friends with our Founder and CEO Suhit for some time. Since then, Denver has continued to grow and has become an extremely valued member of the Fortnite community on YouTube, which has earned him a total of 1.09 million subscribers on the platform. Some of his most popular content series include Fortnite News, coverage of Fortnite New Updates and info on some of the top Fortnite creators on the scene. 


Alongside his main channel, Denver also has a second channel which he has dedicated to Fortnite clips, like best wins, funny moments and YouTube shorts. He also has a YouTube Course called YTLegends, in which he uses his experience to teach aspiring YouTubers how to learn the ins and outs of the platform, grow their audience and make money as a creator. 


Denver is very passionate about teaching, prior to his YouTube career, he always had a love for teaching and worked as a PE teacher at a school. He loves it so much in fact, that he is currently undertaking his Masters Degree, and hopes to return to teaching one day. 


During his time at Saulderson, Denver has worked with a number of big brands on their influencer marketing campaigns, such as; Intel, Amazon, Shoptagr and Caffeine. 


In his spare time, Denver loves to play games, play sports and spend time with his wife and 2 children! 


If you’d like to work with Denver, get in touch at –