The Benefits of Working with a Smaller Agency

Posted 5th November 2020

There has been a lot of discussion recently about the importance of supporting small businesses, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. This helps small businesses survive and continue their work in these difficult times.


In the wake of these discussions, we wanted to talk about just some of the benefits of working with a smaller agency like ourselves. We currently have 5 employees, and though we have big plans in the future to scale up and grow, we recognise that as a small agency, we possess some key traits that assist us in influencer marketing campaigns.


Great communication

As a small agency, we pride ourselves on our communication skills across the board; we communicate quickly and effectively with each other and with our clients. Our emails get answered quickly and personally, with each email being given a great deal of attention. This means the clients and influencers we work with feel seen and able to talk with us whenever they need to, as we’re only ever an email or WhatsApp message away!


Flexibility and Adaptability

Because we work on multiple campaigns and projects at once, we’ve had to be very organised in the way we work. This means that we’re extremely flexible, organised and able to delegate our tasks and manage out time accordingly.

Dealing with multiple assignments at the same has improved each of our individual skills immensely, across numerous different areas of the influencer marketing agency.


Overall, both small and large agencies have their benefits and every agency is unique. Though as a small agency, we are all often very involved in each campaign, all bringing our own individual knowledge, experience and talents to the table.