The Importance of Being Able to Switch Off

Posted 19th June 2020

With lockdown slowly coming to an end in Scotland, so begins the reintroduction of getting out of your pyjamas, leaving home and commuting back to work. Many of those who had been working from home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic are starting to take the small steps required to getting back to normality.

For others however, a home office might be a more permanent setup, with a PwC survey conducted in April finding that up to a quarter of CEOs were considering a less office-based approach for their staff, with more emphasis being put on working from home than ever before. Some concerns have expectedly arisen from this; how are workers supposed to be able to switch off when they technically NEVER leave their office?

These concerns are very valid; being able to separate work and home life CAN be difficult, especially if you’re like us and love what you do. Research conducted in 2019 stated almost a third of workers find it difficult to “switch off” from work in their own time. Living in the 21st century, surrounded by technology and being constantly connected means it’s more important than ever to able to take a step back from work and relax. Mentally “clocking out” is essential, as it helps to increase your mood, reduce stress levels, and generally improve your work performance overall.



Being a company that wants to ensure the best work/life balance for our team, we want to continually learn the best approaches to maintaining this balance. We spoke to Vova from our team to learn what they find works best for him!


Vova: “I love making music and working on the creator side of things in my life, it really helps to balance things out. It’s tough when you’re on the computer for work and then back on it for personal life. So closing all tabs at then end of a working day feels great. To me it’s really about lots of small wins, so making a cup of tea, going for a dog walk, enjoying music, having moments of peace, it all really makes a huge difference to me.”