The Importance of Being Adaptable in Influencer Marketing

Posted 6th August 2020

Many influencer marketing agencies choose to work within only one or two specific categories of influencer – such as fitness, travel, beauty etc, as this (in theory) allows them to fully learn the ins and outs of particular categories and therefore generate the best results in their campaigns.

Here at Saulderson, we started as a one category agency, as we hold our roots in the gaming industry. Our Founder and CEO Suhit Amin began his career as a creator on YouTube, saying: “I came from a gaming and Esports background after being a content creator on YouTube for years and working with top brands in Esports such as ESL.” Suhit then explains that starting within the YouTube space allowed him to utilise his pre-existing contacts to launch Saulderson.

“Before starting Saulderson I was working within influencer marketing and MCN partnerships at ESL. This allowed me to further my experience in the industry and gain valuable contacts with influencers and brands alike. From there I decided to launch Saulderson Media into mostly gaming and Esports to begin with, due to that credibility within the verticals. Now, over 2 years on, we work across all different types of verticals within the influencer space.”

As a company, we are extremely confident in our knowledge of the gaming industry and feel this gives us an edge (and advantage) when it comes to working on campaigns in this area.

However, adaptability is important in influencer marketing! So recently, we’ve opted to explore other categories of influencer and now represent a diverse range of creators, with a variety of skills and expertise.

We’ve recently signed Keziah Joy (@artbeautychaos on Instagram) to our exclusive roster, she’s a hugely talented makeup artist and we’re extremely excited at the prospect of exploring the beauty and fashion world with her.

We’ve also become more involved with TikTok, having launched ASUS ROG on the platform over July and becoming involved in even more TikTok-based campaigns, scheduled for the near future. Learning the platform has also led us to signing exclusive TikTok creators such as magician Dan Rhodes (@danrhodes), Nathan Bates (@nj.visions) who creates comedic cooking content and Callum Grant who creates comedy videos (@callum.grant7).

Signing and working with a wide variety of online creators has allowed us to continually diversify and grow as an agency. We feel it would be detrimental to limit ourselves to only one or two categories of influencer, as it’s crucial to want to learn multiple branches of the industry. Influencer marketing is an ever-evolving and diverse sphere and we believe it’s essential to absorb as much information as possible along the way. Doing this allows us to continuously provide a well-rounded and premium service that we’re very proud of.