The Importance of Influencer Discovery

Posted 15th October 2020

Here at Saulderson, we’ve had the pleasure of working with brands such as ASUS, Acer, Wondershare among many others and in doing so, something we consider to be an extremely important aspect of the campaign process is influencer discovery.


Influencer discovery is one of the first and most critical stages of how we go about our campaigns, as it determines how the rest of the campaign will pan out; choosing the correct influencers can absolutely make or break the overall success of a campaign.


Firstly, we like to thoroughly examine an influencer’s audiences and ensure that they are genuine and authentic, as an unengaged audience will not deliver upon the desired results of the campaign. Additionally, we check that they would respond well to the product or service that the influencer is promoting. There are elements of simple common sense within this; for example you would never choose to promote a new eyeshadow palette to a gaming YouTuber’s audience, as that would not translate well and the brand would not generate their desired conversion. Using the correct influencers helps to engage the audience and encourages them to respond to the CTAs, thus driving great conversions for the brand.


Something else we ensure we do is build a positive and helpful relationship with influencers and agencies we reach out to; we’re transparent with them regarding the campaign and deliverables and make sure they know exactly what they’re doing. Making sure all parties involved are on the same page is a crucial part of the influencer marketing process!