The Importance of Keeping Up

Posted 21st September 2020

Something we discuss frequently in the Saulderson office is how quickly time flies in the digital world; trends come and go, fan bases age and outgrow things and influencers change as a result. This is a pattern we’ve noticed within YouTube over the past decade.

YouTube is a platform that has consistently stayed in the top tier of internet popularity, the site is still the 2nd most popular social media platform with 1.9bn users and is also the world’s second largest search engine and second most visited site after Google. Those stats tell us that YouTube isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so learning to accept and adapt to these changes is essential.


Here at Saulderson, despite our varying interests, one of the commonalities we all share is that we were very absorbed in YouTube growing up. Going on the platform was a pastime we all enjoyed and that shaped our personalities immensely. Our interaction with YouTube creators made us feel like we were part of a larger, more global community, and made up a pivotal part of our teen years.

One thing we have observed however, is that YouTube as a platform has changed significantly in quite a short amount of time; creators that were once number 1 have taken a back seat and new creators have taken their place. If your time spent on the platform had lessened, it would be easy to lose track of what’s going on, who’s popular, who isn’t, who no longer is etc.


Examples of social media evolution such as YouTube really emphasise just how important it is to keep up online; things can change so quickly that it can sometimes be overwhelming, but it’s of real benefit to be in the loop of influencer news and social media. It can help you and your team predict and align with trends, help you seek out the correct influencers for campaigns and make you more aware of what aspects of campaigns are successful – which is especially useful in post campaign analysis.


Feeling as though you’re out of the loop of social media is very much expected, aspects you enjoyed and were comfortable with evolve and change, creators you really enjoy fade but continuing to keep up with social media is absolutely rewarding and really makes the difference in conducting a successful campaign.