The Importance of Positivity

Posted 8th October 2020

Even the most positive of people experience negative feelings from time to time, it’s very common for difficulties or obstacles to crop up in your personal or professional life that present an emotional challenge and create a drop in your positivity levels and productivity.


To be clear, these feelings are completely normal and you should never try to suppress your feelings or deny them. However, what’s extremely important is how you respond to these feelings and how you handle them. Though negativity is inevitable, it’s essential to inject positivity and optimism into your life, in order to stop the negativity overrunning your mindset.


If something happens that’s less than great, it’s important to accept that you may not feel great in the moment, but you can determine how you react to it. Meeting an obstacle with anger, upset or something similar can simply further your negative feelings, and cause you to wallow in them. Instead, try to take a step back, evaluate the situation from an objective point of view and learn from it.


This is a very productive way to assess problems, as it ensures you won’t make any rash or uninformed decisions in the moment and your thought process will be more much streamlined.  It’s important to keep in mind that overcoming a negative experience is usually more rewarding than always being happy, so it’s important to acknowledge these obstacles when you come across them.


The ability to respect and acknowledge your negative feelings, but not letting them control you is an asset that will aid you for the rest of your working life.