The Importance of Recognising that Every Influencer is Different

Posted 12th November 2020

For a brand or marketing agency that has never worked with influencers before, it can be easy to lump them together into one category – “my campaign needs influencers, let’s find some influencers.”

However, those who work in the influencer marketing industry know it is nowhere near as simple to get right. There are numerous factors to consider when choosing the right influencers for a campaign, such as; audience demographics, location, engagement rates, views/engagement consistency, and more!


At a first glance, though an influencer may appear to have a very large following and get lots of likes, comparatively, a smaller influencer may have a far greater engagement rate and relationship with their audience. Though it may seem like a better idea to spend a sizeable chunk of your marketing budget on a large influencer, the money may be better spent on a handful of smaller influencers to achieve the desired results.


This is of course, entirely dependent on the nature of what you’re promoting and why it is so crucial to learn and understand the differences between influencers. A product or service may flourish if promoted by the correct influencer but flop if promoted by the wrong influencer. Influencer discovery is a surprisingly detailed and specific process so it’s important to ensure it is carried out correctly.


This is where agencies like ourselves come in; we do the hard work of influencer discovery and analysis for you, to determine which influencers suit your campaign and will bring you the greatest results. This includes using software to filter through thousands of potential influencers, ensuring they have the best engagement rates and the correct demographics to make sure your campaign runs as seamlessly as possible. Lastly, we reach out to the influencers for you; we pride ourselves on our ability to build positive relationships with influencers themselves and other agencies, to ensure a successful influencer marketing campaign.