The Introduction of LinkedIn Stories

Posted 22nd October 2020

This week, LinkedIn started rolling out its very own stories feature, which allows users to update their following with short videos and photos, viewable for 24 hours – very similarly to other story features on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and more recently YouTube as well. (It’s worth noting that the feature is currently only available on the mobile app!)


The feature is one that adds a great deal of personalisation to a person or business’s social media presence, as it enables users to show off small portions of their day that they may deem only temporarily interesting or not necessary for a main-feed post. Stories will often showcase selfies, life updates or smaller portions of a person’s day such as a meal out or a pretty sunset. The popularity of the feature has been increasing for years, meaning that a lot of platforms are choosing to incorporate it into their feeds.

A feature such as this isn’t something that we’d typically associate with LinkedIn, as it’s considered to be the most serious and put-together social media platform. Understandably so, as users want to put the best version of themselves forward to potential clients or employers. A lot of the content found on the platform would be considered more serious; discussing aspects of working within a specific field, business or marketing related news or other topics of a work nature.


With that in mind, we’re excited to see if rolling out this new feature will bring about a more personal and real side to LinkedIn sharing. Users that don’t partake in vlogging or creating video content can now personally address or post videos easily through their phone straight to LinkedIn, meaning it’ll now be much easier to put a face to a name and feel like you know somebody personally – which is always welcome in influencer marketing!