The Saulderson Spotlight - Captain Eggcellent

Posted 28th January 2021

After shining the Saulderson Spotlight on our exclusive MUA influencer Keziah Joy last week, we thought we’d take some time to talk about one of our other pretty new creators – gaming YouTuber Captain Eggcellent.


Captain Eggcellent (real name Ashley!) provides hours of entertainment on YouTube by showing you numerous Easter eggs, secrets and small details you may have missed in video games. He rose to prominence in early 2019 with some very popular videos such as “The Saddest Easter Eggs in Video Games” and “15 AMAZING Video Game Details That Will Make You Smile” and he’s since become one of the most respected names in the Easter Egg community. 


Some of his most popular current series include “Hidden Video Game Details” and “Video Game Easter Eggs”, both of which delve into popular video game titles such as GTA V, Cyberpunk 2077 and numerous Call of Duty games. The amount of time and effort spent creating his content really resonates with fans, as his subscribers have only continued to rise recently and his most recent milestone was surpassing 500,000 subscribers. Boasting a view-to-subscriber ratio of over 50%, we’re confident Captain Eggcellent will continue to rise in popularity. 


Since joining our exclusive roster last year, Captain Eggcellent has proven to be very popular with sponsors, with his approachable and family-friendly style of content creation, Eggcelent attracts audiences and fans of all ages and backgrounds. He’s worked with brands such as Boost Gaming, Surfshark, Dragon City and Plink, with lots more in the pipeline. 


Alongside YouTube, Captain Eggcellent loves all things gaming, coffee, cars and spending time with his two kids Freddie and Amelia! i

If you’d like to work with Captain Eggcellent, feel free to get in touch at