The Value of Influencers

Posted 15th June 2020

Today’s blog is a lot more personal in nature. Saulderson Media is an agency founded by creators. For us this means we very much value how creators are treated as we come from both sides.


This goes back to our core values as an agency, a company and as people. We’re all about focusing on a relationship, building an authentic connection with who we work with.


After many chats with different creators in the past few months we’ve heard a lot of negative stories and experiences that have appalled us.


This has highly disheartened us. Influencers aren’t just a tool for advertising, they are creators providing immense value for the world and thus should be treated appropriately.


Here are some great examples to show the world how influencers have shaped the modern world in a positive way:


Pewdiepie the biggest sole creator on YouTube has raised millions for a variety of good causes including Save The Children, Charity Water, WWF, Black Lives Matter and more and has never been afraid to express his opinion to do the right thing.


Crash Course is a free source of high-quality education created to help and provide rich knowledge to internet users. It is used in schools and at home and has received over 900,000,000 views. It teaches philosophy, physics, intellectual property and so much more. They even have a division for kid learning.


NoCopyrightSounds (NCS) an independent record label has provided the largest database of non-copyrighted music for creators to use freely in fair use. With over several billions of views NCS has kickstarted many musician’s careers such as Alan Walker and Sub Urban helping musicians make a living off of their music as well as providing for the community.


The influencer world stood together to raise mental health awareness. Hashtags such as #mentalhealth have over 18.4 million posts on Instagram and over 20 million more posts across similar hashtags.


Countless of influencers across all platforms have challenged the worlds beauty standards and promoted a healthy way of being yourself. By posting bold looks, unfiltered views these influencers are showing the beauty of being human, or in some cases the beauty of being non-human.


Countless of influencers have moved the world to be a better place.


We stand by that.


Influencer marketing has never been about just placing an ad. It’s about a conversation, providing value and a meaningful connection.


Treat influencers right.