The Viral Videos Cooking Up a Storm

Posted 12th February 2021

After talking about our very own Neyyfun yesterday, we wanted to discuss the type of content that has made him blow up online. TikTok cooking videos have undoubtedly taken off in the past year, with the #cooking hashtag on TikTok gathering a total number of 31.9 billion views! 


So why are they so popular in the first place? One key reason being that TikTok as a platform exploded over lockdown; so many people were furloughed or stuck inside their homes and needed a new medium to scroll through in their suddenly abundant free time. 

TikTok provided a great escape, showcasing a wide range of both funny and serious recipes, cooking techniques and tips; a lot of them easy enough to follow along with no matter your skill level. 

As the videos can only be up to 60 seconds in length, creators have had to be pretty creative in the way they get their message across; whether that be the attaching some recipe text to their video, the use of comical, very fast cuts and edits, or simply going for more of an aesthetically pleasing approach – there are a lot of ways to go with it. They provide a great way for users to learn a new skill, try something out they might not have before and have a lot of fun whilst doing so. 


From a marketing perspective, cooking videos can be a great medium to get involved in. Because they’re so creative and watchable (often very RE-watchable if following along), a lot of brands are very keen to sponsor these creators. This can be to include their food products, cooking utensils or even just challenge them to cook something and drive some engagement, there’s no doubt cooking videos attract all sorts of audiences. Most often due to the creator’s usually high-levels of personality and the fact food/cooking is an area that can be appreciated by everyone. 


Comedic TikTok videos have been especially popular recently due to the response videos of hugely popular celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay getting involved on the app. So many people have tried to get his attention by creating meme-y recipes, showing off their culinary prowess or even recreating one of his own dishes!


All in all, cooking TikToks have brought a lot of joy to people over the past year. With the uncertainty of COVID-19, cooking videos have been essential in bringing about some positive energy and inspiration to try something new when you’d otherwise be feeling down. We have absolutely no doubt that they’ll only continue to flourish in 2021!