Things You Should Learn About Instagram Reels

Posted 10th December 2020

Instagram has undergone a big transformation lately; gone are the middle photo upload button and the bottom right notifications button. Instead, they’ve been replaced with a shopping button in the bottom right, and a Reels button in the middle. Response to the update has been mixed, but one thing is clear – Reels is a feature that Instagram are pushing to their users a great deal and therefore, it seems to be here to stay.


Here at Saulderson, we’ve been playing around and getting used to Reels in our own time and thought we’d talk about some of the things we feel are important to know about the feature.


  • It is being pushed as a main feature of Instagram

As mentioned earlier, Instagram made the controversial move of replacing their previous upload button (which took you to your camera roll) with the Reels upload button (which takes you to the separate Reels section of the app). Any avid Instagram user would have found it initially odd to have the app UI so dramatically switched around, which definitely indicates Instagram really want to make Reels the next big thing on social media by drawing people’s attention to it in any way they can.


  • It can be great for content creators

Reels as a feature does provide a great deal of creative possibilities for content creation on the app. Prior to its introduction, we did have IGTV, but that seemed to provide more scope for longer-style videos. Reels provides a great alternative by allowing users to upload videos of 15-30 seconds in length, that can be featured on their main Instagram page or viewed separately. It also means creators who have a big following on TikTok can easily upload videos to both platforms and allows Instagram-only creators to experiment with short, creative videos like never before.


  • It’ll probably end up taking off, so we should get used to it

Though the push of Reels to Instagram users has been controversial, the short-video format has been hugely successful in the past; appealing to Gen-Z and millennial audiences alike, with the likes of TikTok proving itself to be a system that works well. Such an open feature with potential for big viewership on an already huge platform like Instagram could make Reels really popular with advertisers and influencers globally.


All in all, Instagram has proven in the past that it can take a feature already implemented by another app (stories for example) and turn it into something great that audiences respond very well to. It may take some getting used to, but it seems like Reels is here to stay and we should just embrace it and have fun with it!