What Is Influencer Marketing?

Posted 22nd May 2020

Throughout our experience as an agency we’ve come to realise that many don’t know what influencer marketing is, what it does and how it can be used.


We define influencer marketing as advertising through the medium of digital influencers. This can take form of endorsement, product placement, creative use, testimonials and more. Influencers are usually those that have a level of authority or a substantial following on social media, as well as other factors that contribute to that.


What Do We Do with Influencers?


We let influencers do what they do best. Create. Influencers are content creators and community builders. They have a certain way that they do things and their fans respond to that. It is so vital to let their message be shown and their flow unaffected.


Fans can sniff out fake messaging from a distance, therefore providing something the influencer believes in is essential.


Influencers are said to be more credible to their fans than general celebrities as they are more relatable.



How Can We Use Influencers for Marketing?


We can use influencers for marketing in a variety of ways.


Video Integrations is one of the methods we use for influencer marketing. One of the forms could be where an influencer takes a period of time out of their content to discuss a brand and endorse it. Another would be to make the video deeply integrated, where the user promotes the app throughout the video and uses to showcase an authentic connection with the endorsed brand.


Influencers can also create social posts such as Instagram stories, blog posts, tweets to promote brands.