What It Means to be a Gen Z Company

Posted 7th September 2020

In the influencer marketing space, age has become a big point of discussion. This is because a lot of the people working within it come under the age category of “Gen-Z”.


Generation Z (or Gen-Z) typically means people under the age of about 24, the eldest members of this category being born in the mid-late 1990’s. What does this mean for influencer marketing as a whole? Some would consider youth to be synonymous with inexperience and therefore assume a young person to be less qualified or knowledgeable in marketing than someone with more years behind them.


However, here at Saulderson, we all come under the age category of Gen-Z; our team members ranging from 19-22 years old. Our CEO and Founder Suhit Amin started the agency when he was 17, coming from a background of esports and YouTube, a space full of successful and ambitious young people – eager to start their careers.


We’ve found our youth to be a help rather than a hindrance in manoeuvering through the digital marketing sphere. Having grown up with various forms of social media within our own lives, such as the early days of MySpace and MSN, to being well-versed in the current platform giants like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we’re very adaptable when it comes to learning these spaces.

This adaptability has helped us when it comes to adjusting to newer apps like TikTok, making it much simpler for us to navigate trends or understand the psychology behind what people are posting.


It’s essential to be quick-thinking and adaptable in this industry, as aspects of it are constantly changing and evolving with the times. Speaking from what we know, Gen-Z marketers are ambitious, very knowledgeable on news, current affairs and digital trends and most importantly, are always keen to learn and better themselves. We believe traits such as these are essential to being successful within the influencer marketing industry and something we embody in every campaign we work on.


Being an entirely Gen-Z company is a feature we feel helps us to stand out from the crowd and something we greatly value about ourselves.