What Metrics matter for Influencer Campaigns

Posted 7th February 2020

Data! We love it. As usual here’s a quick list first for those that are in a rush.


The Metrics that matter for influencer campaigns:


  • Engagement Rate
  • Following
  • Average Views
  • Relatability
  • Expected Conversion
  • Cost per Engagement/Impression etc.
  • Consistency amongst all platforms


Now let’s break it all down.


Engagement Rate


This is a very much debated topic. Engagement rate matters in correspondence with the influencers following size. The ongoing argument at the moment is that engagement rate is highest with smaller influencers. This is typically true, however the proportions very much matter. Someone with a high engagement of 6% but only 5k followers will be outperformed by someone with 2% and 70k followers. On top of this, each creator is different but those with a higher engagement will have a higher chance of being selected for campaigns.




Your following size matters. When scouting for influencer, agencies tend to look at that number first. How many followers/how many subscribers etc. When applying this with an engagement percentage it’s usually the first indicator of fake followers as it’s very visible when influencers have next to no real comments but over 100k followers.


Average Views


When searching for YouTube creators calculating the average views is something we do. We tend to look at the past 12 videos for the calculation. This indicates how quickly the audience responds to videos and how well the creator is performing at that given time.


Consistency amongst all platforms


It is vital for channels to remain consistent amongst all platforms. This shows a high engagement rate and potential of growth with a high following.