Why Gamers Love Easter Eggs

Posted 29th January 2021

Following our Saulderson Spotlight on our very own gaming YouTube sensation – Captain Eggcellent, we thought we’d take some time to talk about why the kind of content he creates translates so well on YouTube.  To summarise, his videos surround Easter Eggs (secret details or hidden references) found in video games and they attract hundreds of thousands of views per video. So why do we love them so much?


Easter Egg content has been popular on YouTube for years; fans love to learn about subtle things they may have missed in their favorite games, TV shows, and movies. These could include references to other series, inside jokes, puns, or even crafty bits of dialogue that could be easily missed. Finding out about these things gives fans a sort of behind-the-scenes look at how the writers were thinking, gives extra detail to a piece of media they thought they knew everything about, and can even provide hints at future releases from the development team.


A lot of people enjoy the challenge in trying to find them in video games, as it provides an exciting challenge that rewards fans, allows them to interact with other aspects of the game, as well as share and discuss their discoveries with other fans.


Overall, they provide more layers of interesting storytelling and thoughts that weren’t immediately obvious to the player – another piece to the puzzle. These tiny hidden details can bring about so much more engagement and excitement from fans, it’s no wonder they make for such great YouTube content.