Why Influencer Marketing is Simpler for Brands

Posted 26th November 2020

To preface this blog, we want to emphasise that influencer marketing is by no means simple. It’s a complex, sometimes difficult form of marketing that relies on rigorous research and analysis to make sure you’re choosing the correct influencers for a campaign.


However, by outsourcing or recruiting the help of an influencer marketing agency like ourselves, steps that would have previously taken you a lot of time and effort can instead be completed by us. We talk with you, find out exactly what your aims and goals are for your campaign, conduct detailed influencer discovery and build positive relationships with those influencers, in order to get you the best results.

Influencers are a great way of promoting your brand, as they provide elements of authenticity, creativity and a real connection with audiences that can be difficult to build as a brand.

Gaining a firm level of trust with their desired audiences is something that brands can typically struggle with, especially through traditional media or other forms of digital marketing. Audiences are continually becoming more susceptible to advertisements and are increasingly disillusioned with them, which is why influencers are so important to the process of building your brand online – audiences value authenticity and real endorsement from creators whose opinions they value.


Here at Saulderson, we act as the middleman between the brand and the creator, to ensure everyone is looked after and pleased with the running of the campaign overall. As this is our area of expertise, we’re very confident in our ability to make the process of digital marketing as seamless as possible for the brands we work with and provide them with great results.