Why Influencers Are So Crucial for Your Campaigns

Posted 29th October 2020

Since the start of this year, COVID-19 has dominated the media; it’s had a negative impact on countless businesses and made budgeting unpredictable and difficult. 

Understandably, trying to navigate marketing strategy during these unprecedented times is tougher than ever, especially with audiences becoming increasingly disillusioned with traditional advertising. 


This is where we feel influencers prove to be extremely valuable, as users are consuming more content online than ever before and love to engage with their favourite creators. Therefore, they’re more likely to pay attention to what they have to say, more so than traditional advertisements. 


Influencers are also extremely important for targeting certain audiences, specifically Gen-Z audiences, who are notoriously difficult to engage, as well as certain niches; such as gaming, fashion, beauty, travel, parenting and many others. Audiences are much more likely to trust an endorsement if it comes from an influencer who’s opinion they value and hold to a high regard. This level of trust becomes even greater if the influencer shows themselves in a photo or video that the product or service actually works – something they do regularly. 


Though influencer marketing is a relatively new and sometimes scary concept to some people; the amazing success of the industry speaks for itself. Influencers frequently provide brilliant results for campaigns, results that are difficult to achieve in other, more traditional forms of marketing. 


One of the best aspects of influencer marketing is that it definitely isn’t a one-size-fits-all tool. Influencers that could work for various campaigns vary in size hugely! In fact, quite often nano/micro influencers (followings of between 1-50k) actually produce greater results than many with larger followings. 


Overall, influencer marketing is definitely something that any brand or company should consider implementing into their marketing strategy, especially if one of their aims is to target audiences under the age of 25. Based on the great results it has had, this form of marketing is here to stay and will only continue to grow.