UK Talent Management and Influencer Marketing Agency

Saulderson Media is an all-new Scottish Talent Management and Influencer Marketing Agency dedicated to working with the world’s biggest social media influencers and brands. We specialise in helping content creators turn their social influence and passion into long-lasting careers and connecting brands to the most powerful form of marketing, influencers, and work with them to highlight their products and services to millions across the world.

What We Do

Saulderson Media Provides and emphasis on Creative and Collaborative Influencer Marketing.

Collaborative Marketing

We're all about communication and transparency, making it our priority that your message is clear to everyone.

Creative Campaigns

We formulate creative campaigns that reinforce your brand strategy to drive reach, engagement and conversions.

Influencer Strategy

Working with the best influencers around the globe to deliver top results and value to brands meeting all KPIs.


Our Process


We work with the brand to understand their specific targets, criteria and more to ensure a smooth process.

Influencer Analysis

Saulderson will analyse the brand specification and propose a shortlist of influencers.


Based on the chosen influencers we will create a campaign brief and confirm with the brand and influencers.


Following campaign approval we will manage production and completion of the campaign.

Analytics Tracking

All KPIs, and analytics will be monitored and provided in a full report after completion.


Talent Management

As a team we take pride in taking care of everyone of our influencers and understanding their needs. This is what we offer.

Brand Collaborations

You can create and earn money, while we do all the busy work - finding and working on monetisation options.

Personal Management

Our team will always be right here for you. Give us a call, send us a message, you are our priority.

Content Protection

What you create is yours. Through our content ID systems we can track when your content is being stolen and will be able to keep it safe.

Growth and Optimization

Our Marketing Team will be here to help you analyse your data and work through growth strategies.

Merchandise Opportunities

Everyone loves merch! Our partners will be happy to look over designs and ideas and provide a platform for you to distribute.

Exclusive Platform Deals

We work with some of the biggest platforms and are able to involve our creators in special deals and placements.